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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bob Evans in Fairborn, Ohio

I have not been to a Bob Evans in years. I usually prefer IHOP and Waffle House if I'm going to eat in a chain breakfast restaurant. So when I went to Bob Evans today, my expectations were low. However, the food was excellent!

Here's a run-down on what I ordered:Eggs over medium hard - Usually (even at my favorite breakfast restaurants) the eggs are too runny or too hard when I order medium hard. Today, they were perfect. Home Fries - I don't like home fries, but they came with my meal and were really good!Bacon - again, I usually don't eat pork, but they came with my meal and were also pretty good.

Blueberry crepe -- This was the best part! It was amazing!!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by how good (and reasonably priced) this Bob Evans was!

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