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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geranio Ristorante in Alexandria, Virginia

My husband and I are very frugal and hardly spend more than $30 on a meal for the two of us. That being said, we wanted to go somewhere nice while visiting Alexandria, Virginia for Valentine's Day and didn't mind spending more if it was worth it.

Geranio Ristorante is worth it! We ended up spending $75 and was worth every penny! To start, I had the proscuitto wrapped mozzella with brasied tomatoes salad and my husband had a green lettuce salad (can't remember which one). Both of our salads were amazing! I think I will dream about the proscuitto wrapped mozzella -- it was so unique. For my main dish, I ordered the Tuna with artichokes and tomato compote. My husband ordered the special of the day -- I think it was a pasta with smoked chicken (can't remember exactly.) Both were out-of-this-world amazing! I don't know which entree was better, they both were so good!

The ambiance was also wonderful! We feel like we have found a hidden gem and don't want to tell anyone because we don't want it to be packed the next time we go back. But I couldn't not reward this restaurant with a positive review. I just hope they don't raise their prices. The prices, while higher than we usually pay, we justified because the food was so good!

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