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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Embassy Suites Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia

My husband and I stayed at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Tyson's Corner, Virginia-- he was on business, I tagged along for fun. I definitely recommend this hotel and will stay here again, but I did just want to point out that the rooms are just average. Yes -- it has all the cool stuff a suite does: mini fridge, microwave, 2 rooms, sofa, chair, desk, 2 TVs, etc. But when you walk into the room, you don't get the "wow -- this is nice" factor. It's just your ordinary hotel room with a desk, sofa, 2 TVs, etc. The bed/mattress was your average hotel bed -- a little lumpy, but not bad.That being said, everything else was great! The breakfasts are great! The happy hour is a nice addition (nothing spectacular, but it's free!) and the staff are wonderful!Everytime I asked a staff member for something, they were so curteous, knowledgeable and accomodating. As long as you're not expecting a luxury hotel -- this is a nice place to stay.

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