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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, NV

AMAZING room. I had just the basic, run of the mill room and it was AMAZING. I am a white girl who normally doesn't use this phrase, but my room was "off the hook"! There was a remote control to move the window coverings. The bathtub was perfect, and they give you bath salts upon request! They even will bring you a humidifier at no extra charge! (Although mine didn't really work very well, but still it was better than most hotels who don't have humidifiers at all!)

The restaurants are so good, although be prepared to pay A LOT for the food. about $6 - 10 for breakfast. $15 - 20 for lunch and definitely $35 and up for dinner. I loved the restaurant at the Spa. It was very healthy and not too overpriced.

The pools are beautiful and free. However it costs $35 per day to use the health club to work out. But the room TVs have DVD players, so bring your own work out DVD to have in your sleeping room.

My biggest complaint was the cigarette smoke. People can smoke in the casinos, and even though I stayed in a non-smoking room, cigarette smoke wafted through the vents. If I was pregnant, I couldn't have stayed at the hotel at all.

All in all, the hotel was fabulous and beautiful.

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